Hear from some of the members of Seattle Baptist Church:

"I first came to Seattle Baptist Church as a teenager looking for a fresh start. What I found was a very welcoming family. I am happy to say that now 12 years later, this place still flows with the pleasant warmth and friendliness that it did when I first visited. Seattle Baptist Church is truly a home for your family with a heart for the world."
- Jason Laigo, Banker

"My wife, Jessica, and I had been looking for a church for two years before we were invited to Seattle Baptist Church. We had sat through several church services in the surrounding area and always felt like something was missing. Jessica was given a friendly invite from someone while riding a city bus and we decided to try it out the following Sunday. Our first steps on the property were filled with friendly smiles and welcoming hearts! Every service has Spirit-filled music and encouraging truths from the Word of God to help our daily lives. We have now found a church we can call home at SBC." - Mikhail Garin, ER RN & Jessica Garin, Office Administrator

"When my husband and I moved to the Northwest, we began our search for a church that preaches God's Word, the Holy Bible, and sings the hymns of the faith that praise God. We wanted to find a church where we could participate, serve, and fellowship with God's people. At Seattle Baptist Church, we were welcomed by warm, caring Christians, timeless hymns, and messages to help us grow in our walk with the Lord. We serve as greeters at the church and we would be delighted to welcome you to our church family.
- Sue Baker, Real Estate Managing Broker